Personal Injury and Property Damage

201_2606124Anytime an individual suffers injuries or property damage as a result of the negligence of a third party, that person has a right to be compensated. Some personal injury cases do not fall into neat pre-ordained categories.

The Fallon Law Firm and Attorney William Fallon has had cases involving the negligent swinging of golf clubs, baseball bats and hockey sticks.

We’ve had a dozen cases involving the negligent cutting of trees. These cases usually involve serious injuries or death.

We had a case in which a junk company sent a car to a shredding plant. The junk company was supposed to remove the gas tanks from vehicles before shipping them to said plant. In this particular instance the automobile shipped did not have the gas tank removed. As one employee of the shredding company later stated in a deposition regarding the explosion “I was in Vietnam in combat for a year and a half and never witnessed an explosion like this.”

The junk company was found to be liable and paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Any personal injury or property damage case involves establishing that the proposed defendant had a duty to care and violated that duty. The duty of care may be a result of a written contract, government regulation or common sense. The violation of that duty is termed negligence in our system of justice.

In each personal injury and property damage case it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Sometimes important evidence can be lost or covered up.

We look forward to examining any fact situation involving a serious personal injury.

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